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Welcome!  I'm an independent photographer and video guy from the S.W. Suburbs of Chicagoland that specializes in several areas of photography and video:
My clients have included: the Army Corps of Engineers (GLERL), a Hydrographic Survey Company, several local restaurants, numerous small businesses, and two different marketing companies. I have also provided photo or video services for events, outdoor weddings, modeling, and training DVD's. In addition to my clients, my photos have been used by Skin Diver Magazine, the U.S.Navy, a German window manufacturer, Midwest Skier magazine, and several Chicagoland publications.
My other services include DVD production, website design, and interactive website tours.
BodyBuilding & Fitness Contestants: Photos and DVD's are available HERE


Be sure to visit the
World Wide Panorama Site
to see some of my 360 degree images... Or visit
add360.com for even more!

Find me on thumtack.com - a great photographer referral site!

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