Whether you already have all your video shot, need everything done from scratch, or just need a DVD menu and master created, I can handle it for you!

Shooting the video: I specialize in small productions with one or two cameras, such as training DVD's and events.  I don't film large productions.  However, I can edit your multi-camera video footage, and create interactive DVD menu systems, from simple menu systems to fully interactive multi-threaded designs.

After the production is completed, I can provide a DVD master for commercial reproduction (including optional coding for duplication and copyright protection and region encoding,) a DVD original for duplication or burning, or provide the master files for transfer over the web.

If you need limited production and printing, I can do it in house. We have a duplicator / printer that can dupe DVD's, Video CD's, audio CD's and data discs.

 Need a lot of copies? I can recommend several production houses (1,000 DVD's for under $1400) that can mass produce your DVD's.

I custom built my PC for video and graphics editing. With four gigs of ram, two monitors, 1 gig of video RAM, and 1.5 terabytes of storage space it handles the most demanding jobs! I also use my laptop to create additional menus, images, and graphic elements on the fly.  In the sample above I'm creating the menu system for a DVD on camera maintenance.

My software includes PhotoShop CS3, Sony Vegas, Sony DVD Architect, Sony Cinescore, Adobe production suite, and numerous add-ons and plug-ins.

I also work with a sound engineer who has a complete Pro-Tools based digital studio featuring isolation booths, a larger studio room, and pretty much all the audio equipment you can think of! If you need to dub voices, create a voice-over, or record a house band, he can handle it.