My Letter to eBay

To: ', ''
From: me
Sent: Sun 2008-01-06 23:08
Subj: Total lack of support and eBay supporting VERO fraud - why?

Why am I emailing you directly? I am hoping that someone will actually READ an email, not just send back a canned reply or ignore the email all together.

 I sell books, manuals, and high-end training materials on eBay. All originals, all protected under the First Sale Doctrine.  

Becker-DeVey has committed perjury by filing several FALSE VERO complaints against my auctions over the past 14 months. I DEMAND to know how to file a complaint for auction interference and violation of numerous eBay policies (Not to mention federal law) against these criminals, ie, a VERO member.  Why demand? All previous emails on this topic to eBay have been totally ignored.  Online chats, numerous emails – I can’t get an answer.  When I reply to the person at VERO dealing with my latest counter-notice, the second I ask about filing a complaint against a VERO member for committing fraud – they stop answering my email. Every time – totally predictable. I’ve been trying, fruitlessly, for over a year.

 These felons (Becker-DeVry) have filed two such false complaints in the past three weeks, resulting in loss of sales in excess of $5,000. So felon is the correct designation for them.

 This has now resulted in my account being restricted, and necessitating that I take the copyright training before I have ability to list items on eBay. Guess what? I've taken this little test several times. How will taking it again help? My listings pass all the criteria. Try taking it yourself. Look at my listing. Can you find any violation? No. Because there was none. I can take that test / training in under 20 seconds. 

If my account can be restricted because of two complaints, what does it take to have DeVry-Becker’s VERO account suspended? 

eBay is now an unwitting (I hope) tool assisting Becker-DeVry with Restraint of Trade, price fixing and auction interference.  If a seller pulled the same stunts that Becker-DeVry is pulling, they would be permanently banned from eBay.  Why the double standard? 


1)  I wish to file a fraud complaint against a VERO member - how do I do so? I can find no link, information or forms on eBay that enable such a complaint. eBay employees refuse to provide this information.
2)  I want the two takedowns on my account removed.
3)  Remove the restrictions you have now placed on my account due to Becker/DeVry's ILLEGAL activities.

 Why should I be required to take that test / training again? I can do it blind-folded. Literally. Becker-DeVry does not like the fact that the law allows resale of legitimate/legal copies of books and software. So Becker-DeVry files numerous false VERO complaints. And eBay lets them get away this scam.

 To take a clue from your VERO complaint form, the VERO member files the complaint and attests that they are not committing perjury. Well, they are - and I can prove it. What’s even worse is that the shysters Becker-DeVry currently use (Olson & Cepuritis) cannot be bothered to answer any emails sent to them regarding VERO takedowns. Six emails over almost three weeks. Not a single reply. That’s another violation of eBay policy, but a typical ploy of VERO members.

 I have filed two counter-notices, but that does nothing to prevent the same listing being taken down again (It’s happened to me twice in the past, even after eBay allowed me to relist the item) nor does it prevent the illegal activities your VERO member is engaging in.

 eBay has taken it upon itself to suspend my listing capabilities without awaiting the outcome of the counter-notices.  Why does eBay assume I violated the law and punishes me before the cases are even complete or counter-notices reviewed? That’s akin to being sentenced to jail time “just in case you are guilty.” That’s the practice in dictatorships and communist countries – are those the examples eBay bases its customer service on? I sincerely hope not. I have attested to the validity of my listings, “under penalty of perjury” – that should be enough. I should not be required to take that ridiculous test again.

 I will gladly contact a lawyer about the fraud committed via VERO, and the misuse by Becker of the VERO program. Just let me know what department /individual at eBay I should have my lawyer contact in order to file this VERO member abuse / fraud complaint.

 I've been on eBay for nearly 10 years. The treatment of sellers has degraded to the point where it should be an embarrassment to eBay. Just Google “VERO misuse” or “eBay complaints.” The page hits are in the millions. VERO is the poster child for a program rife with abuse and criminal misuse.

 Will this affect how I sell on eBay? Definitely. I plan on cutting back my listing activity (auctions, fixed and store) by at least 50%. The Becker Books? I’m now selling additional copies on Craig’s List for the same or more than I would have on eBay – and I save the fees.

 When my counter-notices are processed and I am allowed to relist the items, will I do so?  Probably not. My goal at this point is to clear my name and records at eBay, and see Becker-DeVry suspended - not to relist the items. One of my clients went elsewhere, costing me over $900 in commissions.  The other client is debating having me use eBay or Craig’s List, or just go elsewhere.

 I have clients with another 15 copies they wish me to sell - at an average selling price of $2800-$3500. Those will be sold on Craig’s List. So due to the horrible way VERO treats eBay sellers, eBay and PayPal will lose the fees on over $40,000 in auctions. That’s from one seller.  How many millions of dollars in fees is the mismanagement of VERO costing eBay?  Not to mention the loss of any good will eBay sellers have left. When will eBay wake up and realize that they need to fix these problems and fix them fast?

 And finally, when has is become eBay policy to ignore support requests? I have contacted eBay "power seller" email support several times in the past few months. NOT A SINGLE EMAIL WAS REPLIED TO.  What type of power seller support is that? Or support of any type. Topics varied from inflammatory feedback, negative feedback removal request, auction fraud, general help and of course, VERO. I made this same lack of support complaint almost two years ago.  I never received an explanation then, and it’s only gotten worse.

 Is the tone of this email less that friendly? Sure. I’m fed up. eBay just keeps piling it on, and this suspension of my listing abilities was just too much. Becker-DeVry breaks the law and violates multiple eBay policies – yet I am the one being punished. Why is that?

Rick Drew

PS – take a look at - feel free to forward it to their lawyers.

PPS – this is from the email I was sent concerning my account – can you explain what ““Sellâ€? and “Sell Your Item.â€? You’ll” translates as?  “eBay has restricted your ability to list new items as a result of a policy violation. We'd be happy to lift this restriction once you've completed a brief tutorial about this policy. The next time you sign in to your eBay account, click on “Sellâ€? and “Sell Your Item.â€? You’ll then be asked to take the tutorial. Once you've completed it, you can begin selling again immediately. “ 

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