I'm available for private photo sessions, on-site sessions at shows and contests, and for photo shoots at gyms and other locations.

I can shoot on-location with a minimum of equipment. For example, if you require some posing or workout photos at your gym, usually a camera and one or two flash units is all we need.

This way I'll be as unobtrusive as possible.  It also allows me to move around and often climb nearby equipment for some great angles.

Need a photo area setup at a show? I can provide a complete setup - backdrop, multiple flashes, multiple cameras, tripods, etc.  Optionally, I can supply a monitor with live video feed so the customer can see what the images will look like before I capture them!  This can be set up on a person by person cost where the individual pays, or on a cost per event basis.

Since all my equipment is digital, I tend to take a lot of photos, sometimes several a second to capture subtle changes.  After the photo session is complete, I can provide a CD with all the images on-site, mail a CD, or allow you to download your images from a website.  For example, at the Dec. 9th Ironman contest, I shot over 1,700 images throughout the day.

If you have an event where numerous individuals wish to be photographed, I can provide each subject with a CD containing their images the same day, often immediately following their photo shoot.

My standard show setup includes a laptop computer with CD / DVD burner. Your show participants can receive their images the same day!

It's also common industry practice for photographers to retain copyright to all the photographs they take. This way you have to pay them for additional prints.  I release all copyrights, so clients can use images any way they wish and make as many copies as they want.

The same is true for on-site photo shoots or individual sessions. When the shoot is over, you'll be handed a CD containing all your images!  If payment is by check, the images are delivered when the check clears.

Typically it takes about a week to produce a CD or DVD containing the images from a large show. Typically the CD contains medium and thumbnail sized images, and the DVD contains large, medium, small and thumbnail sized images.  This way the customer or end user does not have to concern themselves with resizing images.

For small runs (under 500 CD's or DVD's) I produce everything in house, For larger runs I typically use an outside duplication facility.

For CD's and DVD's containing only images, I design an interactive menu system and create an autoplay disc. When you insert the disc, the menu automatically loads.  The menus are designed as HTML files so they open in your web browser. This also allows the inclusion of Flash and online content (such as live order forms.)

Above is a sample of the main menu from the Ironman photo shoot.

Many more of my photos can be seen at http://www.buffpam.com